Sound Squares

A Grid Of Musical Squares Right At Your Fingertips

Sound Squares is a revolutionary polyphonic synthesizer that puts a grid of musical squares right at your fingertips. Every square is fully customizable which enables you to create the pattern that suits your performance!


Sound Squares is a polyphonic synthesizer. Play muliple squares at once!


Every square in Sound Squares is individually customizable. Set each square's note, waveform, micro-tuning, and ADSR volume envelope.


Sound Squares delivers full CD quality synthesized audio.


Sound Squares includes four global effects: Low-Pass Envelope-Filter, Distortion, Delay, and Chorus.


The grid of notes you set up can be saved and recalled later. Sound Squares also inludes 191 factory installed patterns.


Dragging your fingers accross the Sound Squares grid can be configured to manipulate paramaters including filter cutoff and pitch bend!