Microwave It

Microwave objects on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch

Ever wonder what would happen if you put a light bulb in the microwave? How about a marshmallow or some paperclips? Now you can safely and easily find out with Microwave It! Impress your friends by putting items in your virtual microwave and watch them fizz, sparkle, explode, and do all kinds of exciting things! Warning: For novelty purposes only. Do not actually attempt.

Included Items

Microwave It comes with 10 items you can put in your virtual microwave including a CD-R, lightbulb, paperclips, steel wool, and more!

Expansion Packs

Purchase expansion packs to get even more items! Each expansion pack contains an additional 10 more items.

Actual Footage

Microwave It plays real footage of these items in a real microwave. See what happens to these items without the risk of doing it yourself.